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Toy SoldiersThe Child of DestinyShutsujin [Departure]A Song of Tails and FlowersSongs of Eternity

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The usual rules/guidelines:

  1. No collectors, fans.
  2. Get the site up and working within 3/4 weeks.
  3. Keep all members and affiliates.
  4. Credit properly.
  5. Preferently update with a script like Enth3. You must be able to convert to another script on your own if you adopt a fanlisting.

Email me at fan @ rainawhile.net with the following information:


For each fanlisting, you'll be allowed to take the current codes as well as the donated ones, with proper credit.
As for content, if you're interested in what I've done, written or anything that has been done by me we can talk about but, with proper credit I won't really mind ;). Pretty much alike goes for previous owners content, though you may need to contact him/her and get a similar permission ^_^